Snake-Oil Glassworks
4251 Jordan Road
Skaneateles, NY 13152
Phone: (315) 685-5091
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hotshop05At around 2,200 degrees farenheit, the interior of a glass furnace glows bright yellow-orange.
The glass at this temprerature flows with the consistency of warm honey and may be
easily gathered on a blowpipe or steel punty rod for forming by hand.
The room that houses a glass furnace is aptly named the Hotshop.
The Hotshop at Snake Oil Glassworks occupies 850 sq. ft. of our building.
It is the room in which all our glass work is produced.




Gaffers Bench    Applying a lipwrap    Hood with appliances    view from executive suite
Gaffer's bench with observation          Applying a lip wrap.                        Hood with hot glass appliances          A view from the executive suite.
window behind.                                                                                      underneath.